At DISCOVERY FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES, we know that our customers’ projects demonstrate progress. They bring opportunity for individuals and regions. New business efforts improve the revenue aspects, as well as connect variety of stake -holders to engage in trade, commerce and other vital services.

It is our responsibility to assist our valued customers so that they can deliver on the promise by completing projects in time. We work to ensure that our service delivery is seamless with a promise of improved revenue aspect for our customers.

By having 15 years’ experience we are not motivated to be the one of the best company in the industry; we are determined to be the best. Our motto is to be a valued business partner of our customers.

We do that by anticipating industry trends, aligning our expertise with customers’ needs, transforming delivery, building relationship, and aspire to break new ground in our service delivery.

Our core values have been the cornerstones of our success.


All individuals are accountable for the highest standards of ethical behaviour. We deliver recruitment services with honesty, transparency, equality and consistency.


As part of our service, we screen all candidates to provide employees with only high-quality candidates’ CVs.


Innovations open a window for creativity and high performance. We embrace change and always look to improve what we do and how we do it. The vital role of Human Resources in the development and eventual success of any organisation cannot be overemphasised. Building upon this insight, we partner organisations by devising efficient and time bound solutions.

Our recruitment process is based on flexibility, confidentiality, excellence and commitment. Why DISCOVERY FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES is rated as one of the Leading HR Consultants in the region? Because we follow a rigorous, client-focused search process which yields consistent and superior results. The principal, we developed this streamlined and flexible approach based on extensive and in-depth practical experience in the Middle East. While process is the foundation of repeatable superior results, Man-power is about people, and we take pride in our unique inter-personal approach to recruit, advise, motivate and connect the right people to the right opportunities.

We drive our business at a dynamic pace to ensure timely, cost-sensitive and high quality results are achieved every step of the way. We partner with our clients and inspire the confidence that they deserve so that they can focus on their core business while we focus on what we do best identify, assess and recruit the right talent for our clients.

We follow a very systematic process of:

  • Briefing – Total and deep rooted understanding of the clients’ requirements.
  • Establishing on record a precise method of strategy
  • Understanding specific needs of the clients

Search and Analysis Serious and very diligent work are put into inviting out the right professionals for meeting the demands of the clients.

One way is by digging into the vast database and the second by initiating, through advertisements in newspapers, magazines, leaflets, digital, banners, web portals, website and social media via the use of SMS and Email Marketing Services.

Recruits are gauged based on their proficiency, psychology, attitude and overall personality. The pre-screening, short-listing and final listing is maintained.


We facilitate the arrangement of venue, date, time, attendance confirmation. Importantly documentation checking is also facilitated.


A detailed but easy and smooth process is executed. Thus background checks, medical clearance, documents attestation, visa and immigration facilities, doing insurance policy, travel arrangements, ticketing, etc. are all assured of.

The industries we have served are:

  • Govt. Sectors
  • General Trade & Marketing service
  • Gold, Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Interior Designing
  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Insulation Contracting
  • Insurance services
  • Infrastructure and Industrial construction
  • Investment Banking-Merchant Banking & Corporate Finance
  • Iron & Steel
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services
  • Media Print, Publishing and E-Publishing
  • Manufacturing
  • Mills
  • High-rise Buildings
  • Instrumentation
  • Installation & Maintenance services
  • Inspection services
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Irrigation contracting services
  • Market Research & Media Research Firms
  • Metal networking Machinery & Equipment
  • Mine & Refinery
  • Oil and Gas
  • Operation and Maintenance (Industrial)

  • Packaging Materials and Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceuticals-Biopharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs
  • Petrochemical & process
  • Power & Utility
  • Ports
  • Refinery
  • Road Transport & Surface Transport Services
  • Solar
  • Textiles
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Warehousing
  • Gas Distribution Services
  • Glass Manufacturing Services
  • Health & Beauty
  • Hospitality
  • Hotel Industry
  • Paints and Emulsions
  • Printing Firms
  • Pesticides and Agro Chemicals
  • Polysilicon (Polycrystalline silicon)
  • Real Estate
  • Railways & Metro Rail
  • Rubbers, Plastics & Polymers
  • Sports, Service & Consulting
  • Trading
  • Teaching & Educational Administration
  • Water Treatment & Desalination

The above is only inclusive and not exhaustive. Having covered a large canopy of industries, we are symbolic of good services and have earned the accolades of clients in India and abroad. Today when we see a job aspirant naming us a link to a beautiful future in the Gulf and the Middle East, we feel good deep within.