At DISCOVERY FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES, we succeed at surpassing our clients' expectations because we follow a rigorous, client-focused search process which yields consistent and superior results. The principal, DISCOVERY FACILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES, developed this streamlined and flexible approach based on extensive and in-depth practical experience in the Middle East. While process is the foundation of repeatable superior results, Man-power is about people, and we take pride in our unique inter-personal approach to recruit, advise, motivate and connect the right people to the right opportunities.

We drive our business at a dynamic pace to ensure timely, cost-sensitive and high quality results are achieved every step of the way. We partner with our clients and inspire the confidence that they deserve so that they can focus on their core business while we focus on what we do best identify, assess and recruit the right talent for our clients.



  • Ensure understanding of Client Strategy, Objectives, Culture and Leadership Requirements
  • Assist client in profiling the position based on scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting structure, desired skills, experience and interpersonal factors
  • Structure an overall phased approach with accountabilities, deliverables and timeline for client approval


  • Define a candidate search and identification plan (targeting, advertising, network)
  • Identify the client's interviewing team and follow-up procedures
  • Review customized search plan, deliverables and timeline and obtain consensus with the client


  • Identify candidates through our network of contacts, referrals and specifically targeted individuals, including passive candidates
  • Promote the opportunity in strict confidence to prospective candidates
  • Screen, interview and evaluate prospective candidates against established criteria
  • Prepare an initial report of qualified candidates and review with client for approval to proceed to the next stage


  • Prepare customized assessment tools and qualification rating guidelines with client
  • Debrief interview committee and coach candidates to ensure maximum benefit from the interview process
  • Arrange and facilitate candidate interviews with the client
  • Perform reference checks as per client guidelines
  • Facilitate selection of top candidate and address any immediate concerns


  • Assist client with negotiating the offer to selected candidate
  • Provide feedback to all candidates, especially those who were not selected for the opportunity
  • Assist the candidate with resignation, potential counter-offers and preparation to start the new opportunity
  • Request client feedback, review quality of search activities and ensure clients are delighted with the experience
  • Maintain communication with both client and successful candidate to ensure a successful, productive and long-lasting working relationship